Unusual welcome coming back to Mull

DAY 6 As much as I wanted to explore the Outer Hebrides more, it was time to come back.
The mist and the midges hadn’t left that day until late morning.
Remember the taxi driver John. He kindly came to give me a lift back to Eriskay. We set off after securely attaching the bike and the trailer onto his trailer.

Himself living in South Uist, he was the most interesting person to meet during my trip.
We chatted about Island life. The journey back has made me think that I have cycled quite a distance during these few days.

It was nice to pass by the place I’d seen. For the final night before taking the ferry back to Barra I was camping on the Bonnie Prince Charlie beach. Almost next to the ferry terminal, not far to cycle to the ferry the next day.

It was a beautiful day with sunny spells. The clouds on the horizon turned to gold and pink.
The water emerald green.
No signs of the windy night ahead. Camping on the beach meant setting up the tent on the soft ground.
During the night I woke up with the noise of wind battering the tent.
Discovered the top sheet has blown away and almost detached from the tent.
I suddenly remembered seeing 3 lonely rocks on the other side of the beach. I wish I had them with me now. There was no choice but to set off to get them. After tying the tent to the rocks it felt more secure. I was able to settle down for the night.

On the last day there was just a ferry to take back to Barra and a short but a little hilly cycle back to the Borve Campsite. I stayed there overnight. No midges this time due to a gentle sea breeze.

The next day in the early morning a short cycle to Castlebay to catch a ferry back to Oban.
What a blessing, a pod of dolphins jumping out of the water. Following the ferry. Having fun on the waves created by the Calmac ferry.

On this trip, I managed to get as far as North Uist. Leaving Harris and Lewis for the next adventure…

Outer Hebrides camping by Aska