The flat plains of South Uist

Outer Hebrides by bike and tent Aska

DAY 4 Next morning the weather looked promising although still windy. However southerly wind when cycling north starting from the Isle of Barra is good news. Sad to leave this remote spot, I’ve taken the last walk along a windswept beach. Outer Hebrides are famous for machair, a fertile low-lying grassy plain. It begins to…

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Askernish golf course and beach

Isle of Eriskay painting by Aska

DAY 3 This wasn’t the next official camping site along the Hebridean Way but a life-saving spot for me. A short detour off the main road and I discover a stunning stretch of South Uist coastline. What turned out to be the best location with a view, the best spot for doing some pleinair painting…

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