Mull and Iona Arts Trail Open Studios 2023

Mull and Iona Arts Trail Open Studios 2023 map

Mull and Iona Arts Trail Open Studios 2023 event is taking place for the first time over the Easter weekend Friday 7th to Monday the 10th. All over Mull and Iona. For the first time, over 50 artists on Mull and Iona invite visitors and residents to see their artwork in 25 venues all over…

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Unusual welcome coming back to Mull

Outer Hebrides camping by Aska

DAY 6 As much as I wanted to explore the Outer Hebrides more, it was time to come back. The mist and the midges hadn’t left that day until late morning. Remember the taxi driver John. He kindly came to give me a lift back to Eriskay. We set off after securely attaching the bike…

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Wet and misty but welcoming Benbecula

Causeway Outer Hebrides

DAY 5 I especially liked the Otter’s Edge Campground because it had a Communal kitchen with comfy chairs where I could sit reading even though it was dark outside. I met another Polish girl who was walking the whole Hebridean Way (that’s 2 weeks). She chose to walk it North to South. This means wind…

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The flat plains of South Uist

Outer Hebrides by bike and tent Aska

DAY 4 Next morning the weather looked promising although still windy. However southerly wind when cycling north starting from the Isle of Barra is good news. Sad to leave this remote spot, I’ve taken the last walk along a windswept beach. Outer Hebrides are famous for machair, a fertile low-lying grassy plain. It begins to…

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Askernish golf course and beach

Isle of Eriskay painting by Aska

DAY 3 This wasn’t the next official camping site along the Hebridean Way but a life-saving spot for me. A short detour off the main road and I discover a stunning stretch of South Uist coastline. What turned out to be the best location with a view, the best spot for doing some pleinair painting…

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Cycle for the ferry to Eriskay

Isle of Barra airport

DAY 2 Cycle for the ferry to Eriskay The landscape of Barra has proven a little more hilly than I’d imagined with houses scattered in between. I always wanted to see the Hebridean houses with red roofs. To my joy, I found those while cycling to the northwest side of Barra towards the Barra airport.…

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Outer Hebrides, bicycle and a tent

Outer Hebrides by bike and tent

This cycle isn’t going to be the one of a professional cyclist aiming to finish the whole Hebridean Way in 2,3 days time. My aim is to explore the Islands landscape, do watercolour sketches and observe how the landscape is changing. Timescale 3-10/09/2021 Fairly soon I become aware of how far I can cycle in…

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January bright blues 2021 on the isle of mull

Tobermory winter 2021

Winter differ to summer on Mull While in the summer season the island is bustling with commotion, winter peaceful and tranquil. The island is quiet, visitors leave and it’s possible to hear “complete silence”. Immerse yourself in the stunning vast landscape. You can see more photos of Tobermory in a winter in my Facebook page…

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Rich to be famous?


I am going to share some news with you both exciting and controversial at the same time. First hand news of Scottish Island Art experience of the art world as we perceive it today. Or as I thought I was. The exciting news is that I have been asked by one of the galleries in…

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Poland – homeland of golden sunsets.

Sunset in Poland

Scottish Island Art sharing travel inspirations and reflections. My summer visit to Poland. Only just managed to see the golden bales of hay, all ready and waiting in line to be picked up. Winter feed for cows. The harvested grains will be made into bread. Contrasting dark clouds over the golden fields. Looking like a…

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