Strength From Nature, Joy Of Discovery

I am very fortunate to be able to live in one of the most diverse places on the West Coast of Scotland. I can go for a walk close by and not meet anyone. The views are stunning and my eyes can wonder off far and wide into the distance.

I take so much inspiration and positive energy from nature and surrounding landscape. Enjoy the signs of spring. The amazing variety of the Island wild-flowers. Vivid bird song.

The Island landscape brings so much inspiration for my paintings and artwork.

I will continue to share those motivational images to help you to get through this difficult time. Might inspire you to visit when is safe to do so. Absence makes the heart grow founder. Follow the #MullandIonaMemories for more inspiration if you are missing Scotland

Do what you can to process those feelings that you have. We all can feel anxious and in need of peace. With more time to spare you might be able to focus on an interest.

During my adventure with art I’ve come across resin. Fascinated by it’s fluidity and the 3D effect that it creates. I’ve started exploring it further. I am having a lot of fun and feeling excited because I don’t know where this medium is going to take me next. It’s so diverse.

Going back to this gorgeous wild-flowers that I’ve picked on my walks. I wanted to encapsulate this in resin to preserve their beauty. After some experimentation I’ve discovered that all of them have kept their colour shape and form after being dried and pressed. Hurray!

I love to encapsulate this into floral coasters and artwork for you to enjoy for years to come. Even made some floral resin jewellery but that’s another story.

Floral art by Scottish Island Art