SPRING 2021 – time when traveling felt like a new experience

You haven’t heard from me for a while now.
A lot has changed since my last blog back in January. It seems like a long year dictated by Covid 19.

SPRING 2021 is nearly ending.

Relatively dry spring with decent number of sunny days. Our tomato plants, replanted into bigger
pots, seem to be well on their way. Tulips pleasing to the eye.
The tourist season should be well on their way. Long expected by the Island businesses. With
anticipation awaiting news from my other home Isle of Mull.
I am actually in Poland since 4 weeks time.


My mum isn’t well since beginning of January and everything else felt irrelevant after that. I couldn’t even focus when painting, hence had to go back. Mum suffered a very bad fall and complications from other conditions. I travelled to look after my mum together with my sister in Warsaw. We’re doing what we can to help her with physiotherapy and gaining back strenght and independence. I must say that Polish National Health System isn’t helpful at all. Enquiring difficulties every little step of the way.

It’s a difficult time full of challenges but also un opportunity to spend extra time together.

Air travel at this time felt like a challenge, full of unknowns.
I kept going back to reading government pages with information, trying to find out what documents
or Covid tests might be required at the airports.


Bus station was very quiet, literally it must have been only 10 people inside the hall. Normally packed
with travelers. I was flying from Edinburgh airport with Ryanair. When arrived at the airport it was
very quiet. It felt very spooky. No flights scheduled between now and the next 3 hours. People
started discussing if they have the correct paper work needed to fly like Declaration of travel, Public
Health Passenger Locater form, Covid test required before and on arrival. I uploaded the relevant
documents when checking in online. Also had the printed versions. It turned out I didn’t need a test
when leaving Scotland but could do one after arrival at the Krakow airport in Poland. Having had 2
doses of the vaccine and a letter stating the later I didn’t have to leave the address for quarantine
with the Polish Border Control.


Late night/early morning train journey to the heart of Poland greeted me with a stunning sunrise.
There was mist covering fields and surrounding trees. Rays of sunshine desperately trying to make
their way through. A sign of things to come, I am thinking now.

I am missing the “Island sea and the colours” alredy

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Skyscrapers Warsaw