Spiritual Grounding

Trying to memorise motivational verses from the Bible. You can’t change the situation but you can change your reaction to it. I’ve tried meditation previously and found that it helps to stay calm and makes you more aware of yourself.

I can definitely recommended Jill Kirkham Therapies. Her meditation classes helped me to find that mindfulness.

You might practise yoga from the comforts of your home while watching online class. I come across one locally called Yoy R Yoga Isle of Mull.

What about dance and fitness?I come across this page locally U Can Dance Dance and Fitness offering Zumba classes.

Anything that helps you find this inner peace. Spirituality is personal. Growth in it has made me a better person. I find making art is what works for me.

I feel my art is influenced by all the above. Hoping I can share that with you in my artwork from the Scottish Islands. Almost creating new home style in the art world called art for the home and soul. Inspiring arts for the true art lovers. Living the creative life has uplifted my Spirit and made me a better person. I am also working as a social care worker caring for elderly in our Community.

Art certainly is helping me to find the silver lining. I am hoping that positive bright outlook and good cheer has a positive influence on the people that I care for.

Mull from Iona by Scottish Island Art