Rich to be famous?

I am going to share some news with you both exciting and controversial at the same time.
First hand news of Scottish Island Art experience of the art world as we perceive it today.
Or as I thought I was.

The exciting news is that I have been asked by one of the galleries in London to exhibit my artwork at their upcoming exhibitions and I have agreed. I’ve decided to be brave and just go for it when the opportunity arises. You don’t gain anything in life if you don’t risk it, right?

The subject was Contemporary art. My seascape resin artwork and the botanical wall decor canvases seem to have been ideal for this purpose. I was really pleased that I have managed to wrap up and organise a courier to send the artwork to London on time with just a day before the opening and a security check in London.

The exhibition was on from the 1st until the 12th of October and I was promoting it like mad on my Instagram profile. Many artists took part in the exhibition, many of whom I liked the artwork.
Especially the colourful landscapes and the stunning portraits drawings.
Unfortunately due to the Covid19 there was no usual opening night for the public but a talk and a 30 minutes video of the artwork on the wall.
I am sure that not being able to see the artwork personally, face to face isn’t helping the sales.

I am not trying to pour out my disappointment to gain your understanding or to feel better.
Coming to a conclusion, if you ask me if it was worth it, I can’t say that I have gained much financially. In fact I have made a financial loss but paying to “ take part “ in the exhibition but the sales hasn’t covered the costs. I’ve gained followers in the art scene and more traffic to my website.
A couple of international galleries have been in touch commenting how “impressive” my artwork is and asking if I would like to participate in the exhibitions prior to making a payment.

Which made me ask the question in this blog title: Does the artist have to be rich to be able to exhibit with pride their artwork and have a chance to make a success of it?
Is this how the current art world operates?

Are you an artist and had similar experience or maybe it was different for you. Please share it with me. I would like to hear what other people experience has been like.

Well I will see what happens but I will keep on painting because it’s my way of life and I don’t do it for money or fame.
Making art makes me happy and customers who bought my artwork so far.