Resin Rainbow Heart artwork in a frame


Currently as part of a new exhibition in An Tobar titled “Pandemonium”

You can purchase it there if you are about.

However don’t loose heart if not because I can also make it to order if you email me at

Resin heart in a white frame. Size including frame 245 mm by 245 mm

I am “holding to a rainbow”.

It’s a sign of HOPE and a PROMISE.

During the recent weeks of 2020 I have been inspired by it’s meaning and the bright vibrant colours.

Also thanking all essential services staff and volunteers keeping the Island residence supplied and the essential services operating.

Hoping that the translucent quality of the resin helps create the rainbow effect.

Didn’t want it to be a flat interpretation.

Love it how the sun is shining through reflecting a shadow on the metallic surface I’ve added to give a sense of depth.

A very sunny, positive and meaningful Rainbow Heart