Poland – homeland of golden sunsets.

Scottish Island Art sharing travel inspirations and reflections. My summer visit to Poland.

Only just managed to see the golden bales of hay, all ready and waiting in line to be picked up. Winter feed for cows. The harvested grains will be made into bread. Contrasting dark clouds over the golden fields. Looking like a Constable painting.
I am being rewarded with golden sunset shimmering on wild grasses on the fields borders.
Tall green plants of corn not yet form moving their leaves with the wind. Their tops lighten up by the setting sun. Ready and waiting in line as far as the horizon and the eye can see.
Creating perfect alignment with the line of clouds in the sky above.
They will be picked when the time is right.
Managed to taste golden and ripe peaches of the garden tree. Enjoying family together time.

I think at times we want to feel in control of our lives, too much. Thinking we can sort things out by ourselves. With our own strengths and abilities.
I think that if we ask we will always receive an answer sooner or later. Only have to ask, be still, look out for the answer and we will receive it.
At times life will sort itself out eventually. That is if we ask God our Father the question and are willing to hear what the answer is.
Coming back on the ferry the sky was crying today BUT there was a rainbow at the end of journey. Literally. A sign of peace and hope.
I am back again to my other homeland – Island home.

Sunset in Poland