Mull and Iona Arts Trail Open Studios 2023

Mull and Iona Arts Trail Open Studios 2023 event is taking place for the first time over the Easter weekend Friday 7th to Monday the 10th. All over Mull and Iona.

For the first time, over 50 artists on Mull and Iona invite visitors and residents to see their artwork in 25 venues all over the Islands. A few artists included in this blog show their work in the North of the Isle of Mull.

Are you visiting Mull this Easter? Why don’t make it the purpose of your visit?


One of the great things about this event is that you can meet the artist. It’s a wonderful opportunity to talk about their inspiration and creative process.

Mull and Iona Arts Trail Open Studios 2023 map

Mull and Iona Arts Trail Open Studios 2023 map

The visual variety and mediums used are more than I can include in one blog.
From paintings, photography, weaving and book binding to woodturning and glass artwork. Even specially commissioned works of art by local silversmiths.
I would like to show you some of the earlier artwork that I have in my collection and how they inspired me in relation to the Islands landscape.


Mull is a surprisingly big island, it takes around 1.5 hours to travel from Tobermory in the North to Fionnphort in the South.
Before setting off it would be a good idea to make a plan of your visits to venues.
Make sure to check the opening days and times of each venue.

Tobermory has 5 venues including Tobermory Producers Market on Monday , Glengorm 1 venue, Dervaig with five venues and Calgary with 1 venue



Coming from Poland 16 years ago and settling in Tobermory on the Isle of Mull I was very much inspired by the way of living. People are very creative and make things. It seems to be something natural. It’s a form of self expression.
Islanders are determined and self-reliant. I guess you had to be when living by the sea and at its seashores.


Morar Honeyman vases

Morar Honeyman Ceramics alongside my resin seascape canvas

MORAR HONEYMAN CERAMICS venue nr 24 Tobermory

Notice the colours, textures and shapes of the ceramics. Inspired by the sea and shore. Seascape and gently rolling waves onto the shore.
Leaving you in awe contemplating the moment.

Morar is also a very accommodating artist and she will be sharing her space with 5 other artists Ros Reid, Kathy MacAdam, Dee Leach, Di Dewhurst Linda Littlewood. Showing ceramics and painting.

Lovely words from one of collectors of Morar artwork:

"We've been lucky enough to holiday on Mull several times, and always pay a visit to Morar's studio - usually bringing something home with us!

We love her watercolours depicting different aspects of the island, and her highly original pottery.

All of the work reminds us of how beautiful and changeable (like the wooden boats in Salen which have now almost disappeared) the island is and also how different materials can be used to make beautiful art."


Faith Holmes painting

Faith Holmes painting

Another artist whose artwork and creative process I admire is Faith Holmes, exhibiting in Glengorm, venue nr 27
Only about 15-20 min drive from Tobermory, a stunning Gallery/cafe location with vast sea views and the Western Isles, subject of many of my paintings also.
In this painting by Faith she has captured the subtle hebridean light when the day is just drawing to a close. Creating this stunning orange glow between the trees. I love the subtle clouds in the vastness of the blue sky. Notice the sea eagles?


Helen Mortley shadow box

Helen Mortley shadow box

From Tobermory driving along the winding but very picturesque road you will see the sign for Dervaig. A very charming little village, a place with as many as five Open Studios, venues nr 16 - 20

In my collection I have a beautiful shadow box made by Helen Mortley.
Encapsulating interesting objects found on the stunning beach at Calgary bay and many smaller beaches hidden on the west coast of Mull. Calgary is also a place to the Calgary Arts venue, nr 15 with many artists exhibiting there.
In this particular one I love the way she uses a big piece of hard red leather and old driftwood. Little elements of nature, floatsam washed on the beach.
Creating a beautiful pleasing balance between the elements.


Happy owner of the Western Isles print by Aska

Happy owner of the Western Isles print by Aska


MEMORIES OF MULL, myself nr 21 and Ronnie Leckie nr 22 exhibiting in one venue The Picture Gallery in Tobermory

I was a visitor who fell in love with the Islands landscape from the moment I came here 16 years ago. I am in awe of it every time I travel back with the Calmac ferry.

Feeling grateful and happy when visitors take a "piece" of Mull home to remind them of their stay. Creating wonderful and special memories.

I am sure you will enjoy seeing the artworks. Getting to know the artists will make your visit very memorable. A special time spent on the Islands this Easter.
One of our visitors to The Picture Gallery has email this lovely message:

Dear Aska
Here is the photo we took of you with your print which we love.
We are home in Ayrshire now with happy memories of our trip to Mull.
It was lovely to meet you in your studio and to have your print to remind us of our stay. Maybe we will meet again.
Best wishes



For more details for this event please look at the Arts Trail website   where you can download map.
There’s also paper copies of the map available in many locations all over the Islands.
Enjoy your first Mull and Iona Open Studios event!




Mull and Iona Arts Trail Open Studios 2023 map