Living in new and strange times during Covid-19

I found myself writing my first blog for my new website. It feels bizarre but very relevant too – can I call it “Pre-Covid-19?”

The website has been in a development, it’s been my dream. It’s live now (I am sooo happy!). Hoping that it will bring you joy and be THE place for your inspiration and positive vibes.
Staying positive. We need to share optimism and hope these days.

I will be sharing my artwork and the inspiration behind it. Give you the inside into the process of making it. Hopefully it will motivate you to start your own art project.

My adventure with art really started here on the Isle of Mull. Since I come to Mull I have an opportunity and motivation to start painting. The space and paints are always here and I can leave my painting on the easel until I come back.

Also will be sharing with you places I’ve visited so far in Scotland and on Mull. I have many ideas for new artworks from my travels. Hopefully many more places to visit in the future.

I was always interested in a beautiful objects and how they were made.Huge fun of unique and handmade gifts made locally. Will be sharing those to hopefully give you some ideas for gifts and home decor.

If you have questions or ideas that you would like me to share about please don’t hesitate to email