January bright blues 2021 on the isle of mull

Winter differ to summer on Mull

While in the summer season the island is bustling with commotion, winter peaceful and tranquil. The island is quiet, visitors leave and it’s possible to hear “complete silence”. Immerse yourself in the stunning vast landscape.

You can see more photos of Tobermory in a winter in my Facebook page or Instagram @scottishislandart

Time for local tourism orientated businesses to recharge the battery after the busy summer season, work on the maintenance of properties and even to take a holiday themselves.

Perhaps even more needed now after the very challenging year of 2020. It should have been the time when they enjoyed the peace and quiet, no tourists. It is when spring comes welcoming visitors again with a happy refreshed face.

Instead with uncertainty they will be awaiting the next news that comes along. Hopefully it will be good news. News of the Island welcoming it’s returning and new visitors once again.

Our Picture Gallery in Tobermory is closed as well which allows me to write this blog for you when I have a little bit more time in hand. If you would like to see our Mull and Scotland paintings, limited editions and giclée prints. Prior to a phone call, we are very happy to open the shop.


Mull and Iona shop Valentines gift ideas

Mull and Iona shop Valentines gift ideas


More fantastic news in the art sector, emerging from the crisis is the idea of the Art Trail/map starting in the spring 2021. Led by Alicia Hendrick ( Lee) A collaboration between artists of Mull and Iona. The project received funding from the Scotland Loves Local initiative and support from Visit Mull and Iona

Keep Your eyes peeled on the update

My creative progress

Few months ago I started making resin letters filled with flowers and greenery collected on the island during the season and encapsulated in resin for years to come.
Bringing You a little piece of Mull. I know You are missing the Island. They can be purchased from The Mull and Iona online shop and soon from my website.
The Mull and Iona online shop made it possible for me to showcase my artwork to a much wider audience. I hope You are enjoying browsing through www.themullandionashop.co.uk

Love Mull resin letters sign

Love Mull resin letters sign

Keep painting Scottish landscapes inspired by my days out on the island and from my travels further afield before Covid. You can see them in my new website at www.scottishislandart.com

I have a 10% discount coupon and FREE SHIPPING in January, February. Just use the code JANUARYBLUES10 when You check out. I can post to UK and worldwide

Sharing a message that is keeping me positive this January

“Each moment something is happening in our lives that we do not know, we do not understand, that we cannot control. Perhaps this is truer than ever on this journey through the desert of COVID. Whatever our response, fruitfulness will require letting go and deep trust on our part; this is the journey of faith. We are God’s work, and our incapacity is no obstacle to his artistry. Keep going, surrender to what is; patience is everything. Your “endurance will win you your lives”.

Be happy!” by Father James LMacNeil



Tobermory winter 2021