Isle of Mull bluebells and birdsong

Taking the opportunity to share with you how beautiful the month of May has been on the Island.
Less traffic, more cycling and walking is certainly helping nature. Or is it just that we human beings slow down and start to notice smaller things. Appreciate what is at our doorstep with meaningful immersion.
A bigger bumble bee. Certainly midges won’t go a miss this season.

I have been taking time exploring walks close to home. Appreciate more the stunning beauty of our little Tobermory beach. The calming sound of waves rolling gently onto the shore and the bright warm colours reflecting on the bows of a few sailing boats in the bay.
Enjoying the unusual and so welcoming summer warmth.
I took my art prints with me and had a lot of fun doing a photo session immersing in the sounds of nature.

Very soothing.

You can immerse your senses while watching this couple of short films I would like to share with you on my facebook page

Hoping to bring you the Isle of Mull landscape and Mull art a little closer in this difficult time of Covid19

Bluebells Golf Course Tobermory