Holding to a Rainbow – Mull artist inspiration during Covid19

The spring season on the Isle of Mull is behind us. A very quiet one, no tourists, no open shops . We had a few days of mixed weather but in general it has been dry and sunny.

The West Coast is blessed with summer temperatures. It helps Everyone to keep the Spirits up in this difficult time when we can’t travel to visit our loved ones.

The Government is looking into easing the lock down. Hoping for no further spread of the virus.

The Calmac Ferry is also looking  at how to manage the service over the coming months. Taking into careful consideration views of the Island residence.

As we continue to stay in the lock down I am “holding to a rainbow”. It’s a sign of HOPE and presence of God in my life. During the recent weeks I have been inspired by it’s meaning and the bright vibrant colours.

Hope for the successful easing of the lock down and being able to travel again to see my family. To see the places I want to visit and explore.

Also thanking all essential services staff and volunteers  keeping the Island residence supplied and the essential services operating.

I am very blessed to live on one of the West Coast of Scotland Islands. The weather is very changeable with plenty of opportunities to spot a rainbow and paint it in a very dramatic seascape landscape.

Been thinking of interesting ways to capture its essence in the resin artwork too. It’s not easy because the medium is very fluid. Decided to use a mould in the shape of a heart. Experimented with different thickness and colour density. Taking my time and slowly adding colour little by little until achieving the desired effect.

Hoping that the translucent quality of the resin helps create the rainbow effect. Didn’t want it to be a flat interpretation. Love it how the sun is shining through  reflecting a shadow on the metallic surface I’ve added to give a sense of depth.

A very sunny, positive and meaningful resin Rainbow Heart


Resin Rainbow heart