Don’t be afraid of a challenge

Our approach was from the South-East side of the mountain with a clear path, crossing a bridge and steadily climbing up.
This meant to be more difficult way to go up the Buachaille. Compared to the more steady path on the East side.

As we discovered soon the path turned into a scramble and we were looking for the best way going up.

Little did we knew soon we will be doing quite a serious climbing.

The clouds lift it and the views to the Rannoch Moor were breathtaking.
To think we walked across it as part of the West Highland Way.

With a rope attached round the waist for safety we began steadily climbing up from ledge to ledge gaining height
First time for us it was quite challenging. I didn’t brave to look behind my shoulder. However trying to go back would have been harder than keep going up.
Really glad we were challenged and we did it.

We got to the top and we left the clouds below. There is no words to describe the magnificent views from the top. Dark blue mountain tops silhouetting against the sun lit sky.
Bursting with inspiration I’ve taken many photos to try and capture the amazing views.
It seem as though we didn’t have enough time to absorbed this beauty, it was time to start coming down. The rain was getting heavier.
Luckily the way down by the East side was easier.
I was glad the harder way was going up.

At the top of Buachaille Etive More Glencoe