Despite Negatives

I know I can’t even imagine how hard it is for someone who just lost their loved ones to illness. Lost their job or can’t pay rent.

I am fortunate to have a house with a garden and even a dome where we grow many vegetables and flowers. Growing from seed gives me a great hapiness. I smile in awe when the new plant appeares in our seedlings propagator. Watching it grow, become strong and beautiful is like a miracle. Even though it’s happening every season it never stops to amaze. Leave’s you in awe of nature.

Blessed to have so many places where I can go for a quiet walk close to home. Tobermory Golf Course and the Lighthouse are just a couple of them. Always rewarding with a stunning views in every kind of weather. Rain or shine.

In the spring time the variety of wildflowers is mind blowing. Even more fun when you try research their names in a book. Just when I think I ‘ve found what looks like the plant I’ve picked, I turn the page and here it is another photo that looks very familiar to the previous one. However I persevere. I want to learn their names.

So far I think I have from the left Lesser Celandine, Red Campion, Purple Vetch, Creeping Speedwell,
Norfolk Comfrey Blue and many more not on the photo.

Wonder if you will be able to suggest some of their names? Small seclection on the photo attached

The uncertainty of how long the lockdown is going to last isn’t helping to stay confident and cheerful but try and …

Spring Flowers