Careful considerations, balance (or not)

The next step in making floral art resin coasters involves splitting two flowers of the same kind into two separate groups.

Testing each flower type preserving qualities after being encapsulated in resin forever. Most of the flowers pass that ever important test. They’ve kept their original colours and shapes. That’s probably thanks to the prior drying process.

Some need a little spray of varnish and dry before.

Remember I mentioned in a previous blog. That’s how I started making jewellery.

Then all the fun begins. You are ready to make a design for your coaster. Roughly I try to imagine what design the flowers will look best. Taking into consideration their shape and colour.

Particularly I like to incorporate ferns into the design.

Like to play with layering the flowers too. Do whatever is pleasing to your eye. Incorporate your favourite varieties.

Made landscapes using flowers. Don’t put them into your coasters yet.

You need to have the 1st dry layer of heat proof resin in your coaster first. Then lay the second one, ready for the design to go in. Hurrah!

floral resin jewellery