Askernish golf course and beach


This wasn’t the next official camping site along the Hebridean Way but a life-saving spot for me.
A short detour off the main road and I discover a stunning stretch of South Uist coastline.
What turned out to be the best location with a view, the best spot for doing some pleinair painting of the beach.

Such a stunning coastline is easy to miss when cycling ahead along the main road.
The manager of the golf course provided me with a cup of tea, wifi and shelter from the wind on that day. Agreed for me to camp in the dunes next to the golf course.
Most importantly provided me with contact with the local van taxi driver who could possibly help with my further journey.

I had a little more time to sit down and reflect on my journey so far.
At that point, I was able to better judge my speed and how far I am able to travel before the next stop.
I knew I definitely won’t be able to cycle the whole Hebridean Way in that week. Decided to reach as far as North Uist on this trip.
I had to take into account that I will need to cycle back the way to catch the Barra boat back to Oban. Meaning battling against the wind.
That prospect didn’t seem like fun at all.

In the evening I made another cup of tea on my little gas stove and enjoyed the view.
The rain was forecast for Sunday and the wind picked up considerably. It looked like it’s going to rain so I decided to stay put for today and take in the location.

Observe and listen to the different birds taking turns in arriving or passing by the beach throughout the day.
Taking shelter in my tent, looking out through the open door I did a sketch of the coastline.

Beginning to feel peckish, I decided to go out for dinner to a nearby hotel. Was delicious.
On my way back I saw a bright neon pink glow of the sunset. Haven’t seen quite the same one for a while so I appreciated it more.


Isle of Eriskay painting by Aska