Artist view on the island lockdown

Restrictions began to ease in Scotland a few weeks ago. We are now able to meet friends and family from one household at a time. Only outdoors and at safe distances. Travel is restricted to 5 miles from home. Normally at this time I would be planning our summer visit to parents and family back in Poland. However, it is safer to say I put this aside for now. Thank goodness for technology and Zoom parties.

Due to the many understandable reasons the access to the islands could well remain restricted for longer compared to other parts of the country.

The Main Street in Tobermory on the Isle of Mull during May holiday weekend was literally empty of visitors. No people wandering on to the middle of the road in front of cars.
No matter how annoying tourists can be. I realise I miss them. I miss the chat about the artwork, telling them about my inspiration behind painting a particular landscape.

Enjoying the moment when they feel really “drawn” to the particular image because the place means a lot to them. Represents memories of that special day spent together during a holiday, birthday or a wedding on the island.

It means a lot to me receiving reviews like this in my Etsy shop. Really glad to be able to bring the Island landscape closer to them.

Sunbeams Loch na Keal print winner