Art making and rainbow during Covid 19 lockdown

Title ” Lismore Rainbow – a sign of peace, hope and a promise”

There are ONLY 25 large limited edition giclee prints of the painting

I am donating half of the funds raised to Glen Iosal. Towards creating outdoor area where tenants can sit out and socialise.

The painting was inspired by the last few months of lockdown during Covid19.

As we were continuing to stay in the lock down I was “holding to a rainbow” and making art.

It’s a sign of HOPE and presence of God in my life.

Hope for the successful easing of the lock down and being able to travel again to see my family.
To see the places I want to visit and explore.

Also thanking all essential key workers and volunteers for keeping the Island residence supplied and the essential services operating.
It’s a sign of SOLIDARITY and amazing Community Spirit

One example of this is Glen Iosal, one of the Housing Trust Developments but how very special to the residence and the whole Isle of Mull Community.
More like “home” with the care at home manager Linda Noble who is always there caring for the 24 residence needs 24/7 and there is always someone to talk to.

I am very blessed to live on one of the West Coast of Scotland Islands.
The weather is very changeable with plenty of opportunities to spot a rainbow and paint it in a very dramatic seascape landscape.

During the recent weeks I have been inspired by it’s meaning and the bright vibrant colours.

Recent weeks also brought to attention very important issues of equality for Everyone. The rainbow is a sign of PEACE and I think Everyone should embrace it. ”

These are the virtues I want to embrace.

Usual prize for the large print would have been £55.

Lismore rainbow painting