Aska Marzec

My name is Aska and I come from Poland. I have been living in Scotland 12 years now on the beautiful Island of Mull in Tobermory. I share my time between being a mum to a fantastic 14 year old son, being a wife to an amazing artist, working in a home care sector and my love of painting nature.

Having arrived to Scotland for the first time 12 years ago I was struck by it's stunning beauty - sea water and mountain together in harmony. What a gift. Living in such beautiful country us Scotland I am surrounded by inspiration. I just wanted to paint it all or at least to try capture the beauty of it.

After 11 years of creating my pictures and selling them successfully in our Picture Gallery on the Main Street in Tobermory I decided to start my internet shop.

Sharing what I love and are inspired by makes me happy. Sunbeams through the sky, red sky and sun before it goes behind the horizon, approaching rain and bright sunshine when it shows through the clouds.

All brings feeling of warm and happiness. Love to try and express the beauty, harmony and spirit of this world in my art work. Search for it in landscape, scenery, objects and during that one moment I start to see final image taking shape in my mind. Creative process has started. I look for ways how best to capture this beautiful and frail moment I have the honour to witness for that split second.

It is a joy seeing people happy when looking at my artwork, because they been to the same places and enjoyed the same moment of seeing sunbeams through the clouds.

To cherish their memories of the place and bring them happiness.

I want to try and capture the beauty of ever changing landscape in my canvases and share it with You.

My paintings have bright colours and are filled with light helping you to create calm and uplifting atmosphere in your home.

Beach seascapes and gently rolling waves onto a shore create coastal inspired art decor for your living room.

Whether You just dropped by to browse or are thinking about buying my prints I am happy to share the moment with You by looking at the same image.I believe art should be affordable for everyone.