Drawn to the sea on the World Oceans Day

Raising waves resin painting

I have been living on the stunning Isle of Mull in Scotland for a while. Surrounded by the waters of the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. Blessed to be able to get to the beach just a short drive away from my home. To enjoy the tranquillity and peace of Calgary beach on…

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Careful considerations, balance (or not)

floral resin jewellery

The next step in making floral art resin coasters involves splitting two flowers of the same kind into two separate groups. Testing each flower type preserving qualities after being encapsulated in resin forever. Most of the flowers pass that ever important test. They’ve kept their original colours and shapes. That’s probably thanks to the prior…

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Sometimes you can’t rush things

Isle of Mull Wildflowers

Would like to share a little bit about my experimenting with resin and floral art. Making resin coasters involves quite a lot of patience, waiting and perseverance. You can only do so much in one day. Your work is dedicated to the medium, very fluid and versatile. You have to leave it to set and…

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Isle of Mull bluebells and birdsong

Bluebells Golf Course Tobermory

Taking the opportunity to share with you how beautiful the month of May has been on the Island. Less traffic, more cycling and walking is certainly helping nature. Or is it just that we human beings slow down and start to notice smaller things. Appreciate what is at our doorstep with meaningful immersion. A bigger…

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Artist view on the island lockdown

Sunbeams Loch na Keal print winner

Restrictions began to ease in Scotland a few weeks ago. We are now able to meet friends and family from one household at a time. Only outdoors and at safe distances. Travel is restricted to 5 miles from home. Normally at this time I would be planning our summer visit to parents and family back…

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